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I frequently work on high-level strategic initiatives dealing with consumer research, persona development, service design, and journey mapping. Many of the participants in my workshops are taking their first dive into the design process, and I enjoy bringing together a variety of thinking styles to enhance creative problem solving.

Prior to being a designer, my first career was in financial services as a registered associate. Transitioning careers was initially a pursuit of passion for creativity, receiving training and working professionally as a 3d production artist. The progression to UX was a natural evolution where my animation skills were used for UI animations, storytelling, and advanced engineering initiatives. As my proficiency grew as a UX designer, I became drawn to the idea of leveraging my prior experiences. I brought everything full-circle in my current role, utilizing my creative passion and knowledge of markets in the realm of financial services experience design.

I enjoy adding unique value by combining my design skills with my interest in capital markets. I have a Master’s degree in interaction design and an MBA, both from the University of Kansas.

Thanks for visiting my website. I love talking about design, business, and tech – let’s connect!